Tuesday 25 September 2012

Git on Amazon EC2

So here's how I'm going to be setting up deployments on my EC2 instance- I'll do a git push of my committed changes from my local machine to my remote repository (I'm hosting mine on Bitbucket; Github is great too) and just do a git pull on my EC2 instance. I should then be able to deploy a new version of my application directly. You could write a shell script to automate this (deployment).

Here's how to configure git on your instance:
  1. sudo yum install git
  2. cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub | ssh -i amazon-generated-key.pem ec2-user@amazon-instance-public-dns "cat >> .ssh/authorized_keys" (Copies your local ssh key to Amazon. This makes sure that the message "Permission denied (publickey)" doesn't show up.)
  3. git clone https://foobar@bitbucket.org/me/foo.git (You'll be prompted for your password. If you get the following message "fatal: Authentication failed", then check you might have special characters in your password. You'll need to change it.)

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