Tuesday 2 October 2012

First day at Hacklab.to

I decided to embrace my inner explorer and visit the hacklab.to "headquarters" today (they have open house Tuesdays). Basically the members of hacklab.to are software devs and hardware hackers who meet up and work on side projects. The meeting place (in Kensington) is a small room, embellished with all sorts of gadgets and machines. There were roughly 15 hackers in all. Most of them were working on Raspberry Pi devices, though there were a couple of teenagers who were engaging in other things (picking locks anybody?).

It was interesting. I didn't really get to talk to many of these hackers. They're the shy types, a fairly standard character trait. These things take time anyway. In any case, I intend to visit next Tuesday, and with my laptop this time. Hopefully my Raspberry Pi would've arrived too.

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