Friday 12 October 2012

Initial tinkering on the Raspberry Pi

What an amazing device- a mini-computer, the size of a credit card, and only for CAD$43! Here are the things I've done on my Raspberry Pi so far:
  1. Installed Raspbian "Wheezy" (which is an OS) into my SD Card:
    • Here's where you can find the OS
    • Here are the instructions
  2. When you boot up, you're presented with a blue screen where you can configure your settings:
    • Configure your keyboard, expand rootfs (expand root file system to enable spare SD card space), configure the timezone
    • You can reconfigure everything later using the command "sudo raspi-config"
    • Always shutdown the device using the command "sudo shutdown -h now" to avoid accidentally corrupting your SD card
  3. Installed vim:
    • Run the command "sudo apt-get install vim"
  4. Checked out the Raspbian GUI:
    • Input the command "xstart"
    • Midori is pretty slow (you'll need a different browser to view videos online)
    • Some of the python games don't work for some weird reason
  5. I also sshed in via my mac:
    • Plugin an ethernet cable to your Raspberry Pi (or share your network using your laptop)
    • Input the command "ifconfig" to get the ip address of your Raspberry Pi
    • Input the command "ssh pi@" in your laptop, replacing the IP with the Raspberry Pi's IP
    • You'll get the message "The authenticity of the host can't be verified, etc". Type "yes".
    • You'll be asked for a password, which is "raspberry" by default
    • You should be able to access your Raspberry Pi device using your laptop!
  6. I also installed MAME and Neogeo:
    • For mame, follow the instructions here. Note that you should be placing your game roms (which is just a zip file; you shouldn't need to unzip it) in the following folder : /home/pi/.advance/rom
    • I actually had a SIGSEGV error when I installed the binaries from the given link. If that happens to you, get the MAME binary from here instead.
    • For installing Neogeo, I'll create a separate post because the whole process was far more tedious.

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