Friday 26 October 2012

Microsoft Surface

So one of my coworkers bought a surface tablet recently and I got a chance to play around with it. The first thing which struck me was the touchcover integration- it clips so seamlessly. The typing itself feels weird. The keys don't depress, so you don't get that typing "feel". It still beats touch typing on the surface (its is way too wide to touch type efficiently). The kickstand is brilliant and totally inconspicuous. The hardware is top notch and it really is a beautiful piece of work.

The software is lagging though, both figuratively and literally. When you run a bunch of updates, typing becomes a hassle because the lag is almost prohibitive. I'm sure the Microsoft devs will fix such bugs though. The resolution is not as high as you'd expect and many of the apps aren't optimized for the tablet. Plus, Windows 8 RT ain't Windows 8.

Overall, its a unique piece of work. Its pretty expensive though, and I wouldn't buy the current version. Its probably worth waiting another couple of months for the next revision (which runs on Windows 8) while the software devs fix the bugs.

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