Friday 2 November 2012

Bingle Update

I just released an update to the paid version of my Android app, Bingle- it features a new scrabble dictionary, CSW12! This was after I received an email from a customer requesting that I add this dictionary to my app. So come on people! Download Bingle! Request for new features, and I shall try my very best to implement them. This applies to the free version as well.

Additionally, I have decided not to invest more time in developing apps for the Amazon app store for the following reasons :

  • The demand is magnitudes lesser in comparison to the Google Play Store. 
  • Amazon takes about a week (at least) to review every apk before it goes on live. 
  • You cannot redirect any links to the Google Play store from an Amazon app.
  • The Amazon developer console is completely ill designed in terms of navigation and frequently infuriates.
  • Deleting your app from the Amazon appstore is a painful affair.

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